Postdoctoral Fellows

Ongoing Projects:

Dr. Pantea Tavakolian

– Postdoctoral Fellow –

Project: Enhanced truncated correlation photothermal coherence tomography for non-destructive testing.

Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Mandelis
Industrial Partner: Quantum Dental Technologies


Completed in 2018:

Dr. Dmitry Gavrilov

– Postdoctoral Fellow –

Project: Development of a non-contact optical approach for real-time control of metal spray deposition.

Supervisor: Prof. Roman Maev
Industrial Partner: Tessonics

Completed in 2017:


Dr. Fernando López

– Postdoctoral Fellow –

Project: Development and Implementation of a methodology to determine heat losses using aerial infrared thermography.

Supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Industrial Partner: TORNGATS