Students presentations

Patrick Deschênes Labrie

-MSc candidate

Project: Improvement of Probability of detection in ultrasound testing using total focusing method and elementary signal processing.

Supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Co-supervisor: Prof. Pierre Bélanger
Industrial Partner: Zetec

Mohammad Ebrahim Bajgholi

– PhD candidate –

Project: Advanced ultrasonic inspection technologies applied to the welded joints of hydraulic turbine runners

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Viens
Industrial Partner: Hydro-Québec’s research Institute – IREQ


Arthur Chapon

– MSc candidate –

Project: Ultrasound transducers optimization by computer simulation based on Finite Elements

Supervisor: Prof. Pierre Bélanger


Pantea Tavakolian

– PhD candidate –

Project: Development of Enhanced Truncated Correlation Photothermal Coherence Tomography system for biomedical, and non-destructive testing applications.

Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Mandelis
Industrial Partner: Quantum Dental Technologies

Ali Khademi Far

– MSc candidate –

Project: Reliability of shearography as a mean to detect bonding flaws in adhesively bonded structures.

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Viens
Industrial Partner: Bombardier Aerospace


Zarreen Naowal Reza

– MSc candidate –

Project: Development of Algorithm for Real-Time Pattern Recognition on Ultrasonic Images of Industrial Process with Variable Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Partially Missing or Scaled Features.

Supervisor: Prof. Roman Maev
Industrial Partner: Tessonics


Kevin Yip

– MASc candidate –

Project: Development of ultrasonic force microscopy techniques for high spatial resolution non destructive testing of nanostructured materials.

Supervisor: Prof. Tobin Filleter




Hamidreza Shahmiri

– PhD candidate –

Project: Non-destructive Evaluation of Hydrogen Embrittlement in High-strength Steels Using Ultrasonic Surface Waves

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Viens
Partner: CRIAQ


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