The Big Picture

NonDestructive Testing (NDT) is a key field in important industrial sectors to ensure safety. In Canada, NDT is present at university level but training is specific through dedicated restricted research projects: Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) are not fully trained in all major modalities. – Professional skills are also desperately lacking since the current graduate (MSC/PHD/Postdoctoral) programs simply do not include these aspects. Canadian industry is thus faced with HQP lacking knowledge in various modalities and with minimum professional skill training.

Our contacts with industry push us to think about how to solve these two issues and our team thus developed this NSERC CREATE initiative with the following goal: «The main objective of this initiative is to develop an enriched, unique and innovative training experience in NDT and Professional Skills for HQPs and postdoctoral fellows (PDF) through a network of leading NDT universities and industrial partners working in the field, hence facilitating the transition of new researchers from trainees to productive employees in the Canadian workforce.»

The retained methodology to reach this goal is proposed as follows: high graduate level qualifications and technical skills are achieved through the mobility of the HQPs and PDFs, completion of scientifically challenging R&D projects and with close collaboration with industrial partners. High level of professional/technical skills will be gained through specific activities (courses) and a dedicated Annual General Meeting. Our initiative regroups the main Canadian centers involved NDT research in the country which also specializes in different NDT modalities. Several Canadian industries and key Canadian institutions support our proposal in various ways including strong moral support, internships availability, in-kind and cash support. Pro-active recruitment of female HQP is another facet of our project.

This NSERC CREATE initiative would position Canada as a leader in providing advanced NDT graduate training, world-wide. This is a unique training initiative in Canada providing valuable and long-lasting benefits to industry.

Industry asks for it. We plan to deliver, all of us being oN DuTy!

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