Graduates 2022

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Dr. Farima Abdollahi Mamoudan

– PhD – graduated!

Project: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) inspection using new electromagnetic testing technology

Supervisor: Prof. Hakim Bendada
Industrial Partner: Eddyfi

Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi

– Master of Science – graduated!

Project: Multiple robotic inspection of composite aircraft structures using Active Thermography (MultiAcT)

Supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Industrial Partner: BI Expertise

Dr. Samira Ebrahimi

– PhD – graduated!

Project: NDT inspection of CFRP bicycle frames by Infrared Thermography

Supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Industrial Partner: Visiooimage inc.

Dr. Maryam Shafiei Alavijeh

PhD – graduated!

Project: Ultrasound methodology development for the non-destructive quality assessment of joints in polyethylene pipes supported by customized deep learning models

Supervisor: Prof. Roman Maev
Industrial Partner: Tessonics (in collaboration with JANA Corporation)

Patrick Deschênes Labrie

– Master of Science – graduated!

Project: Improvement of Probability of detection in ultrasound testing using total focusing method and elementary signal processing

Supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Co-supervisor: Prof. Pierre Bélanger
Industrial Partner: Zetec


Dr. Jorge Rodrigues

– PhD graduated! –

Project: Feasibility of ultrasound phased array inspection on as forged components

Supervisor: Prof. Pierre Bélanger
Partner: Pratt & Whitney Canada