Graduates 2021

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Yohan Bélanger

– MSc candidate –

Project:  Automatic Defect Recognition:  Model-Based Tomographic Reconstruction and Image Simulation for use in X-Ray NDT

Supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Industrial Partner: LynX Inspection


Konstantin Polyakov

– MSc candidate –

Project: Advanced signal processing techniques to improve the detection of defects in pressure vessels by acoustic emission (AE) testing.

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Viens
Co-supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Industrial Partner:  TORNGATS


Hamidreza Shahmiri

– PhD candidate –

Project: Non-destructive Evaluation of Hydrogen Embrittlement in High-strength Steels Using Ultrasonic Surface Waves

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Viens
Partner: CRIAQ

John Sun

– MASc candidate –

Project: Design of Magnetostrictive Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer for Corrosion Detection at Piping Supports.

Supervisor: Prof. Tobin Filleter
Co-supervisor: Prof. Anthony Sinclair
Industrial Partner: Mequaltech