Graduates 2020

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Ali Khademi Far

– MSc candidate –

Project: Reliability of shearography as a mean to detect bonding flaws in adhesively bonded structures.

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Viens
Co-supervisor: Prof. Hakim Bendada
Industrial Partner: Bombardier Aerospace


Nicolas Tremblay

– MSc candidate –

Project: Improvement of Probability of detection in ultrasound testing using total focusing method and elementary signal processing

Supervisor: Prof. Pierre Bélanger
Partner: Zetec

Leon R. Chen

– MASc candidate –

Project: Development of algorithm for defect characterization in ferromagnetic structures using NDT electromagnetic sensor.

Supervisor: Prof. Anthony Sinclair
Co-supervisor: Prof. Tobin Filleter
Industrial Partner: Mequaltech

Olivier Déry

– Undergraduate Intern (Summer 2020) –

Project: Determination of correction factors of longitudinal waves as a function of temperature.

Supervisor: Prof. Xavier Maldague
Industrial Partner: TORNGATS