Scholarships are available to students and postdoctoral fellows with a strong interest on nondestructive techniques. Please note that:

  • All applications will be assessed in terms of the quality and interest of the applicant towards the oN DuTy! Program.
  • Eligible student candidates must enroll on one of the participating Universities and be supervised by one of the Program’s Faculty members.
  • Eligible postdoctoral fellows must be involved on a project of interest to one of of the Program’s Faculty members.
  • All trainees will actively participate (at least 20% of their time) with at least one of our supporting Industrial Partners.
  • Eligible trainees will benefit from a scholarship according to their academic degree:
    • Undergraduate – UND 4,000$ per year
    • Graduate (M. Sc.) – MSC 15,000$ per year
    • Graduate (Ph. D.) – PHD 20,000$ per year
    • Posdoctoral fellow – PF 42,600$ per year
  • oN DuTy! is committed to a diversity and inclusion, the participation of women and minorities is strongly encouraged!


See our current project proposals.


Send your application by replying to this email. 
Please include: your CV, a copy of your academic transcripts, and a 1-page letter of interest specifying your research area and if you already contacted one of the Program’s Faculty members.